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Who we are

We are Brevia Corporación, a consolidated national company with international expansion, underpinned by over 25 years of operations in the manufacture and production of personal hygiene and care products.


The know-how acquired throughout our professional experience allows us to approach any project with full guarantees. It is therefore essential to have qualified technical departments which guarantee high standards of excellence. The human team of Brevia is characterised by its high level of specialisation, experience and capacity for working in different areas of the company, from strategic management to quality certification.


There is only one way to be competitive and operate among the main companies of the cosmetics and hygiene sector: to commit to quality. This commitment is demonstrated by constant investment in latest generation infrastructure and providing our RD&I departments more resources. Brevia also has its own Control Laboratory to guarantee compliance with all Management and Good Practices regulations · UNE EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNE EN ISO 22716:2008.


Anticipating the needs of the market and being the first to react to a new trend. At Brevia this is how we envisage our role in the production and commercialisation of products, as an innovative, agile and effective response to the demands of end clients and large distributors. We focus our business policies on reaffirming commitment not only to the wellbeing of our clients, but also to environmental sustainability.

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Mission, vision and values

We are committed to continuing our line of development with the essential objective of continuing to improve ourselves thanks to our greater specialisation and the satisfaction of a demanding market which recognises the quality of our products. To achieve this, it is necessary to base our work on Experience, Commitment and Passion for what we do.


To offer our clients innovative, quality solutions with the maximum requirements in product development and manufacture.


To establish ourselves as a company of reference on the market through collective effort, characterised by innovation, specialisation and effective and responsible management.


· Innovation and continuous improvement.
· Commitment to our clients, consumers and suppliers.
· Professional, environmental and social responsibility.
· Efficiency, production capacity and maximum stringency.

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