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We are committed to reducing or eliminating the negative impacts derived from our activity, seeking sustainable solutions applicable to this new trend which improves quality and social and environmental wellbeing.

Environmental Commitment

Respect for the environment, for future generations, for economic growth and for social wellbeing must be generated in the present. The term “SUSTAINABILITY” is therefore respected to the maximum in every development inside and outside of our facilities, whether in our new projects, new products or technological investments.

Markets are now global, and there will be increasing competition to reduce the natural resources used in our activities. Additionally, this is a real demand of current consumers, who are environmentally and socially responsible and who place a high value on sustainable businesses.

What are our objectives?

We have taken on the new path, seeking sustainable solutions which improve quality and social and environmental wellbeing.

We want to improve each process in which it is possible to apply this concept effectively, always supporting sustainability, applying it to:


Use of raw

All manufacturing processes.

Our facilities and technology.

Circular economy resources.

Management policy based on the 3Rs

We are committed to taking care of the environment, reducing or eliminating the negative impacts derived from our everyday activity.



The production process is optimised to the maximum, reducing energy resources and reducing water consumption.



We seek to generate the least waste possible, working on new materials which can be reused in future projects and even in the same type of product, prolonging their lifespan.



We are aware of the need to recycle after the final use of the packaging. We apply a waste management plan, recycling paper, plastic, metals, wood, packaging and water with certified and authorised companies. We work with recycled and recyclable raw materials, even in the packaging of our products, unifying the materials of the components to allow them to be disposed of in the same bin.

What are we doing currently?

Following our policy, at Brevia Corporación we are applying solutions which help us to continue attaining the future we are all seeking.

Electricity consumption

In the commitment for reduction of electricity consumption, translucent polycarbonate roofing has been incorporated in order to take advantage of natural light for undertaking regular activity in the factory when light is sufficient, also implementing an LED lighting system at all work posts. Additionally, in recent years, self-consumption panels have been installed, seeking to promote growth and savings in electricity consumption – a small action which helps to benefit the environment. Furthermore, in continuously seeking to strengthen our commitment to energy efficiency optimisation, there is a project for increasing the number of self-consumption panels, leading to equilibrium in energy consumption.

Waste management

The company has the environmental licence and has implemented a waste management plan in all its facilities, recycling paper, plastic, metal, wood, packaging and water with certified companies authorised for management and treatment. In turn, a certified company collects, transports and processes chemical waste. Furthermore, and for the risk-free reuse of industrial water without generating waste, we have our own osmosis installation, maximising the use of industrial water used throughout the machine dispensing system, filtering it in several stages to minimise the discharged waste of industrial water.

Responsible raw materials

Some of the fabrics we work with come from forests whose management is environmentally responsible, economically viable and socially beneficial. Therefore, with the FSC® C134184 seal, we guarantee our clients and consumers our contribution to conservation of forests for present and future generations. Additionally, we have the COSMOS NATURAL certification from Ecocert, the standard for “natural and ecological cosmetics”. Brevia Corporación makes progress for the future, choosing primary packaging which uses recycled material recovered from oceans, reducing CO2 emissions by up to five times compared with conventional plastic, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Consumer awareness

We are aware of the socioecological problems which certain products associated by our activity may generate during their life cycle if disposed of incorrectly. We therefore continue to raise consumer awareness using the necessary information and labelling so that consumers dispose of products correctly. For the same reason, Brevia Corporación has voluntarily subscribed to the “Code of Good Practices for Labelling of Wet Wipes and Wet Toilet Paper” of STANPA, the National Perfumery and Cosmetics Association, which brings together companies from the cosmetics sector and establishes the commitment to responsible and proportional environmental protection. At the same time, we are committed to innovation with the design of sustainable products.

Social commitment

We are committed to programmes which promote individual and group wellbeing focused on encouraging practicing sport, healthy habits and healthy lifestyles through collaboration and sponsorship in the world of sport, ranging from cycling to motorcycling. Additionally, the values that identify the world of sport such as companionship, effort, perseverance and the capacity for overcoming all kinds of adversity are consistent with the business philosophy that constitutes the day to day work of the company.

We collaborate with and sponsor the organisation of events and charity projects with a very positive effect on society, supporting the Spanish Association Against Cancer and the Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases, and APCE, the Cerebral Palsy Association of Alicante.

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